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2017 MIS Summer Program at Harbin Institute of Technology
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2017 MIS Summer Program at Harbin Institute of Technology

"Big Data and Business Analytics"

July 4-11, 2017, Harbin


Event Location:

School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Credit Hours



Certificate of 2 credit hours will be issued

May 19, 2017



Mission of the Program

The 2017 Summer Program of MIS will be hosted by the School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology. According to U.S.News, Harbin Institute of Technology ranks seventh among best global universities for engineering. School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology is among the first four management schools in China. Renowned senior scholars and industry professionals of Information systems and related areas will be invited as faculty members to lecture on the research methodologies and cutting-edge topics of big data and business analytics. The mission of the program is to provide young scholars and students (including PhD, Master and undergraduate levels) with the opportunity to learn from the first-tier scholars in this area and gain research expertise systematically. Meanwhile, the program will serve as an international platform of learning and communication to facilitate long-term cooperation relationship among the participants worldwide and to stimulate quality academic outcomes. Lectures as well as seminar sessions will be arranged in which the participants can discuss their research projects with the program faculty members. Harbin Institute of Technology will issue a certificate of two credit hours to participants who are current students.


Faculty Members

We are honored to have a group of distinguished scholars and practitioners worldwide as the instructors of this summer program, among whom many have served on the editorial board of top business journals. Below is the list of faculty members (in alphabet order by last name) who will deliver lectures for the program:





Anindya Ghose

Full Professor, New York University,

Named by Poets & Quants as one of the

"Top 40 Professors Under 40 Worldwide",

Senior Editor of 

Information Systems Research,

Associate Editor of Management Science

Data Analytics

in Digital


Bin Gu

Full Professor, Arizona State University,

Visiting Professor, Harbin Institute of

Technology,Senior Editor of

MIS Quarterly

Online Social Media

and Online

Social Networks

Xitong Guo

Full professor, Harbin Institute of

Technology,Granted the National

Science Fund for

Outstanding Young Scholars

Big Data in

Healthcare Action (II)

Alok Gupta

Professor, University of Minnesota,

Associate Dean of Faculty and

Research,Curtis L. Carlson

Schoolwide Chair in Information

Management,Editor-in Chief,

Information Systems Research

Using Discrete


Simulation for

IS Research:


and Examples

Wanli Min

Chief Scientist in Artificial

Intelligence, AliCloud


Tao Pang

CEO, Navroom Ltd.


Paul A.Pavlou

Senior Associate Dean &

Milton F. Stauffer Professor,

Temple University

Senior Editor at ISR

Emerging Topics

in Electronic

Commerce Research

Arun Rai

Regents' Professor of the

University System of Georgia,

Robinson Chair of IT-enabled

Supply Chains & Process Innovation,

Harkins Chair of Information Systems

Georgia State University,

Editor-in-Chief of MIS Quarterly

Achieving Big



Through Research

Design and Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Doug Vogel

Full Professor, Harbin Institute of

Technology,Rewarded by the

Thousand Talents Plan for

Foreign Experts,

Former President of the AIS

Big Data in

Healthcare Action (I)

D. J. Wu

Professor, Area Coordinator,

Georgia Institute of Technology

Associate editor of Management Science,

Senior editor of Production an

Operations Management

Research on


Platform Business


Lizhen Xu

Assistant Professor of

Information Technology

Management in

Scheller College of Business,

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bayesian Data

Analysis and Online



Yang Yang

CEO, iPIN Ltd.


Qiang Ye

Full Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology,

Granted the National Science Fund for

Distinguished Young Scholars

Big Data and

Financial Research


Accommodation for Participants

The 2017 Summer Program of MIS admits active young scholars, current students, and practitioners worldwide in the fields of Management Information System, Management Science and Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and other related areas. Due to constraints of budget and capacity, the program will admit limited number of participants. Admission is based on academic experience and other conditions of the applicant. The registration fee is RMB 2,500 for current graduate and undergraduate students, and RMB 4,000 for other participants. During the program (July3-July11, 8 days and 9 nights in total), complimentary lodging and meals will be provided for the participants who are current students. The program committee will select a group of distinguished student applicants and waive their registration fee.


Application Instructions

Applicants should fill the attached application form and send it to HIT_IS@163.com by email with the subject of Affiliation-Position-Name (e.g. Harbin Institute of Technology-PhD Candidate-John Smith). Current students who would like to apply the registration fee waiver should check the corresponding option in the application form and attach a research proposal for the program committee to evaluate. If the application of registration fee waiver does not get approved, the applicants may still be admitted as paid participants.

The program committee will send the decision of admission via email to each applicant. Please check the website of HIT SoM http://som.hit.edu.cn for updates of the program.


Admission Time Line

May 19, 2017:     Application deadline

May 26, 2017:     Decision of admission

May 27, 2017:     Notification of decision via Email

June 12, 2017 :     Candidates return registration forms

June 26, 2017 :     Registration fee payment deadline

Please contact Ms. Yuan Ji if you have any questions about the program.

Email: HIT_IS@163.com



 Registration Form of 2017 MIS Summer Program at HIT.docx



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