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AACSB AOL Luncheon of the SoM was held
Origin:International Accreditation Office times:2016/4/12 15:09:00

        On April 12, 2016, the AACSB AOL Accreditation Seminar of School of Management was held in G216. Associate dean, Zhang Li, directors of all departments, together with the AOL committee members of all degree programs participated in today’s conference, which presided over by the director of the International Accreditation Office, Dr. Wang Dan.
        At the beginning of the conference, Wang Dan explained the two AOL management processes, including the processes of Continuous Improvement and Teaching, defined the responsibilities of the AOL committee members from all degree programs and the duty towards the teachers who are involved in the teaching process of the accreditation. Then she illustrated the AOL working plan that is going to be carried out recently, confirming several timing notes of the key programs, including the formulation of curricula maps and the Rubrics, the confirmation of participating courses and the related syllabus carried out by the teachers, the analysis template provided by the AACSB Accreditation Office, and the analysis report submitted during this semester. Wang Dan also gave advice to lay down the Rubrics and shared several related Resources at the end of the conference. Discussions on the curricula maps, the Rubrics, and other related issue were carried on in a heated way during the conference. After the conference, each program committee held their breakout sessions separately, clarifying their recent working plans.

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