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School of Management obtained the Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation
Origin:International Accreditation Office times:2017/6/4 15:16:00

On June 2nd, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) and China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee (NESC) notified the school that School of Management, HIT had obtained CAMEA with a five-year term.

HIT vice president Ding Xuemei and deputy party secretary Zhang Hongtao attended the on-site accreditation before and delivered speeches. Dean Ye Qiang made a report according to the accreditation standards. In addition, the accreditation experts gave full credit for the relevant work done by the school and decided to grant the CAMEA accreditation, which would take effect after the Accreditation Committee meeting. The accreditation experts pointed out that School of Management, HIT meticulously have prepared the self-evaluation report, students report, appendices and supporting materials. Furthermore, during the on-site accreditation, all the preparatory work was seriously done and logistical support was fully provided. Most importantly, the school leaders and administrators, faculty members, professional staff, students, alumni, as well as representatives of partnership enterprises participated in a wide range with active cooperation, and was able to provide the necessary supplementary material according to the requirements of the accreditation experts. 

The CAMEA, officially launched in 2012, is jointly conducted by CDGDC and NESC. CAMEA is committed to urging business schools engaged in MBA/EMBA training to achieve continuous improvement and innovation in quality education during the process of constant self-reflection and self-evaluation. Up to now, a total of 19 units throughout the country have obtained CAMEA.

School of Management has been endeavoring to benchmark of world-class business schools according to the evaluation standards by increasing the intensity of reform and innovation in the aspects of faculty recruitment and training, discipline development, research and administrative system construction, etc. as well as by improving the school's social influence. In 2012, the school was accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA) with the longest valid period of 5 years and was the first business school in the northeast China to obtain this accreditation.


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