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    Major of Information Management and Information System


    This major was established in 1978 by Prof. Tiyun Huang, one of the founders of management information systems discipline in China. This major takes references from multiple fields, including economic management, computers, mechanics, electronics, and automation. In 1981, it founded the first teaching and research section of management information systems (MIS) in China and enrolled the first batch of graduate students. In 1986, it pioneered China’s first discipline of MIS and began to enroll undergraduate students in the following year. In 1998, this major was renamed as information management and information systems by the Ministry of Education, PRC. Since 2006, it has always been the provincial key discipline and awarded with one of the first batch of key discipline by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2012. The Management Science and Engineering discipline to which this major is affiliated was ranked as National Key Discipline, which was also supported by “Project 985” and “Project 211.”

    Teaching and Research

    In this major, there are currently thirty-two full-time faculty members, composing of one professor invited specially under the Changjiang Scholar Program, one winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, one winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars and five New Century Excellent Talents bestowed by the State Ministry of Education. It has ten professors (doctorate supervisors). Over fifty percent of the faculty have experience of overseas visits, further education and lecturing.

    It also has two chief international academic advisers, two overseas adjunct Ph.D. supervisors, and three overseas contract professors.


    This major has one national-level top quality course, two province level top quality courses, one ministry of education IBM fund-supported quality course, and one top quality class cooperated with high-level foreign university. This major has published three national quality textbooks, and eight Eleventh Five-Year National Planned Textbooks. This major also has one National research base of philosophy and sociology, one provincial research base of philosophy and sociology, two joint laboratories co-established with enterprises, and six practice bases for undergraduates, one SSCI-indexed journal in electronic area depending on the discipline to which this major is affiliated, one national natural science foundation key journal in management and the 19th EI-indexed international conference.


    In last five years, the faculty members have undertaken over seventy national natural science funds projects, with the total research funds exceeding 10 million yuan, amongst which approximately thirty are national projects, twenty are provincial and ministerial projects. Three hundred academic papers were published with forty being SCI-indexed or SSCI-indexed and more than one hundred EI-indexed. The faculty members have won three first prizes in research, two second prizes and two third prizes on the provincial or ministerial level have been gained. Meanwhile, the faculty has undertaken five provincial teaching and research projects, and published ten research papers. One faculty member has won the first award of provincial excellent teaching results and two the young star teacher awards.

    International Cooperation and Communication

    In recent years, this major is advancing towards international first-class standard and has made close academic exchanges and cooperation with universities in the US, UK, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. such as Harvard, MIT, UC, UA, UT and so on, designing collaboration plans, and furthermore, providing favorable conditions to facilitate HIT students’ application to study further in these universities. Meanwhile, this major has  contracted with worldwide famous professors in information management and information engineering area from the US and HK, who will give lectures to our students and faculty members regularly. Many overseas scholars are invited to visit our school and give high quality academic seminars.

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