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    Introduction to the EMBA Program

    In August 2002, with the approval of the State Council of theAcademic Degree Committee (Academic Degree Committee Document [2002] No.64), HIT was among the first in the group of universities in China to provide EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) program. Upon completion of their studies, students will be awarded a master’s degree in business administration.
    The EMBA program in Harbin Institute of Technology persists in the mode of elite education with qualified teachers, first-class students, first-class facilities and first-class management. It has formed its own distinctive characteristics and culture, and is highly recognized by the society. In the evaluation of degree programs in 2005 organized by the State Council of Academic Degree Committee, the EMBA program in HIT earned 16 A’s out of 21 indicators. It is one of the universities that have obtained most A’s in the assessment.
    •Mission: carrying on the tradition of HIT, highlighting the characteristics of times, being strict in qualifications for graduates, making every endeavor in educating students, educating managerial elites, promoting the development of China, leading the trend of innovation management, pooling worldwide experience in practice.
    •Aim: training high level management talents with strong capability in leadership, decision-making and in-depth thinking in adapting to international competition, with a good cultural taste, and committed to take on social responsibilities.
    •Education pattern: to establish a comprehensive and innovative education pattern with an international orientation, in combination of systematic management theories and practices, with students as the core and famous professors as leaders.
    •Education result: improving students’ professional quality and business morale, facilitating them to acquire an international vision, keen insight, innovativeness and scientific way of thinking. Serve the local development, serve state-owned enterprises, especially large and medium enterprises, foster a large number of high-level economic management talents for Heilongjiang Province and state-owned enterprises.
    High Level Lecturer
    The lecturers of HIT EMBA program are required to have more than 5 years relevant teaching experience, and a certain degree and relevant work experience in management. There is a teaching evaluation system for each of the EMBA teachers. The students will give an objective evaluation for the lecturer after each course. Taking the students’ evaluations into comprehensive considerations and under the supervision of EMBA Academic Committee, lecturers with deficient evaluation will not be invited in future teaching. Currently, the lecturers of HIT EMBA have already reached a high standard suitable for EMBA education. Among all the EMBA lecturers, 81.25% have the doctoral degree, and 72.92% are professors. Those who have a good international and domestic reputation account for a total of 54.17%, and those who have the business experience amounts to a total of 94%. The score of the average teaching evaluation is 91.07. Seventy percent of the lecturers are stable. They have been approved by students in terms of the managerial theory and practical experience. These teachers not only have strong theoretical foundation, but also have abundant managerial experience.
    Elites of the government and enterprises gather together
    Valuable human resource network, elites of the government and enterprises gather together. Up to April of 2010, the number of current students and alumni of HIT EMBA have already reached 700 peoples. The students are either from top management departments of state-owned or private enterprises or economic management departments of the government at different levels. There have been 430 EMBA students who passed the dissertation defense, and obtained the EMBA master’s degree. Among those students, there are 5 provincial and ministerial leaders, 135 bureau-level leaders, and 32 leaders in large state-owned enterprises.
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