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Public Administration  

    The Department of Public Administration was built in 2000, the youngest department which was full of energy in Management School. With only one national named after public management discipline of academic journals, ” Journal of Public management”, is A kind of important national natural science foundation management science journals and CSSCI source journals. The impact factor of “Journal of Public management” ranked first among 198 China’s political class journals in 2016, and received “2016 China’s most international influence academic journal”. 
    The Department of Public Administration has doctor degree awarding entitlement for Administrative Management, and doctor education has a social development trend of globalization and digitization, focusing on the reality of China’s social change and transformation of the government. The Department of Public Administration is committed to culture high talents with solid research and consulting ability to universities, party, non-profit organization. The Department of Public Administration has master degree awarding entitlement for Administrative Management, main research direction includes: big data and crisis management, electronic government affairs and social governance innovation, urbanization and environmental control, energy economy and policy, public policy analysis and simulation. Harbin Institute of Technology is the national first batch of pilot MPA professional degree education is one of the 24 universities have MPA professional master’s degree awarding entitlement.  
     The Department of Public Administration currently has 13 teachers including 4 professors, 6 associate professors and 3 lecturers, including a ministry of education undergraduate teaching steering committee members, national public management master’s degree graduate student (MPA) education steering committee member, a people’s government of Harbin expert consulting committee member, a Xiangjiang scholar, a professor of Harbin Institute of Technology talent, an associate professor of Harbin Institute of Technology talent, school of management green talents list, three famous overseas university PhDs.    
     HIT Department of Public Administration has always aimed at the development of internationalization of orbit with Dutch Delfit University of Technology (DEL), the United States George Mason University, the Britan University of Cambridge, etc, providing abundant international exchange and development opportunities. Students can obtain DEL partial scholarship when participating the engineering and policy analysis course (EPA), which is set up with Dutch DEL Ford Industrial University. This course attracts many students to participate including coming from the United States, France, Greece, Italy and China. The “One Belt One Road” Think Tank program attracts international masters’ participation from Russia, Ukraine, India, Bangladesh Mongolia and other abroad countries students to study here.
     In recent years, HIT Department of Public Administration has undertaken over 20 projects supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, China Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Education and Heilongjiang province major researches, and has published dozens of high level academic papers, both represented scientific research strength of Public Management Administration.
     HIT Department of Public Administration insists on discipline front, adhere to the international development route, all the teachers and students develop standard cultivate self morality , make a greater contribution at the same time to improve the level of teaching and research.

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