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    Business Administration


    HIT, developed from the previous Department of Engineering Economics and Department of Management Engineering, is one of the earliest organizations that conducted teaching and research in this discipline. It acquired the authority to confer Master degrees in Technical Economics in 1990, in enterprise management in 1998. In the same year, it acquired the authority to confer PhD degrees in Technical Economics and Management, and then in Enterprise Management in 2003. All of these have offered paths for undergraduate students to further their education.

    The department of Business Administration is engaging in four-year undergraduate education system which consists of four orientations: Technical Economics and management, Enterprise Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management, and Management of Logistics and Supply Chain. Main courses include: Fundamentals in Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Management Communication, Production and Operation ManagementManagement of Logistics and Supply Chain, Technology Economics, Management on Research and Development of Enterprise, Quality Management, Enterprise Strategic Management, etc. The department of Business and Administration has established integrated cultivation system for practical ability development, improving students' learning abilities and capabilities of work management by entrepreneurial internship, professional practices and activities. Graduates are capable of undertaking management work gaining larger space for better individual development. The goal of the Bachelor program is to develop talents with good business administration management, and professional proficiency. Consequently, students should be qualified with solid theoretical and professional knowledge of economy and management, and strong capabilities of analyzing problems and solving problems so as to meet the demand of enterprises in industrial and commercial industry, administrative departments, and some training institutions. Students graduated from this department are mainly engaged in domestic enterprise and public institutions, transnational corporations, governmental economic management sectors working in the positions of operations management, HRM, logistics management, and research and development management, etc.

    Teaching and Research

    The department of Business Administration has thirty-three faculty members. Among them, fifteen professors, including thirty doctoral supervisors, two overseas part-time professors, sixteen associate professors, and three assistant professors. Among them 67% teachers have oversea studying and teaching experiences. In recent five years, more than 150 scientific research projects at national and ministerial level such as NFSC and “National Important Sciences and Technologies Projects” have been accomplished together with more than 800 academic papers being published. Powerful teaching resources have provided guarantees for cultivating high-quality students with marketing professions.

    International Cooperation and Communication

    The department of Business Administration particularly emphasizes the cooperation with international well-known universities and institutions. Close scientific cooperation and academic exchange relationships have been established with countries of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Korea and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This has provided good conditions for students’ application to obtain higher academic degrees in colleges and universities in the above countries and regions.

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