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    doug vogel  
    Telephone: 045186414022
    EMAIL: vogel.doug@gmail.com
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    Personal Resume  
    Professor Doug Vogel is the chief academic director of management science and engineering of HIT. He was selected by the "Foreign Experts thousands of people plan", the International Academy of Information Systems Association (AIS Fellow) and the International Association for Information Systems (AIS President).


    1986   University of Minnesota       Business Administration/MIS                  Ph.D.
    1972   U. C. L. A.                            Computer Science                                  M.S.
    1969   Montana State University    Electrical Engineering                             B.S

    Academic and Professional experience

    2013- present    Harbin Institute of Technology                                              Professor
    2011 - 2013       City University of Hong Kong Dept. of IS                              Visiting Professor
    2000 - 2011       City University of Hong Kong Dept. of IS                              Chair Professor
    1992 -1998        University of Arizona Dept. of MIS                                        Associate Professor

    Reviewer for:                   

                                                          IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
                                                          Group Decision and Negotiation 
                                                          European Journal of Information Systems
                                                          Journal of Strategic Information Systems
                                                          MIS Quarterly 
                                                          Communications of the ACM
                                                          Management Science 
                                                          Decision Sciences

    Recognition and Awards               

                                                                State Specially Recruited Expert, P.R. China -- 2013
                                                                Association for Information Systems (AIS) President -- 2012
                                                                Association for Information Systems (AIS) President-elect -- 2011
                                                                Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education) - 2011
                                                                AIS LEO Committee for 2010 and 2011
                                                                AIS Fellow Selection Committee – 2009, 2013
                                                                IEEE Software Advisory Board - 2009
                                                                Most Cited Author in Pacific Asia – 2009 
                                                                ICIS Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair – 2009
                                                                ICIS Track Co-Chair – 2009


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