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        HIT Executive Development Programs (EDP Center) is a program training center established under the School of Management HIT. With the superior resources of HIT engineering and management disciplines, the center provides customized training programs for the top and mid-level managers in government and enterprises; based on the current economic and societal development requirements, the center also offers open courses program according to the economic and social development, takes the pulse for government and enterprises, and supplies technical support and service. The first-class teaching staff and strong alumni networks make a lifelong learning and developing platform available for the top and mid-level managers in government and enterprises.
        Core operating idea: HIT EDP center has established a business platform of country-wide alumni network. Employing the HIT scientific and technological strength, and integrating the market resources of entrepreneurs, the center has combined the scientific and technological achievements of the university, industry achievements, and enterprise development, and sets up a communication and collaboration platform of industry-university-research-enterprise, which would achieve the enhancement of the personal qualities of entrepreneurs and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and improve their intra-industry influence. HIT EDP center always devotes itself to establish top learning platform, market platform, financing platform, joint program platform, and network platform.
        Product design ideology: HIT EDP center makes efforts to design internationalized, elite, customized, and competitive course system for government and enterprises, train highly qualified talents for these institutions, and boost their development.
        Country-wide distribution: HIT EDP center is distributed across the country, including northeast China (Heilongjiang, Jilin), north China (Beijing, Tianjin), east China (Shanghai, Shandong), and south China (Shenzhen, Foshan).

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