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    The Department of Marketing is one of the three departments which was divided from the original Department of Business Administration in 2015. The Marketing Department consist of eleven teachers, including four professors, five associate professors and two lecturers with four doctoral supervisors and four master supervisors. Eight, which accounts for 70 percentages, have received doctorate.
    The Department of Marketing includes Marketing, which was founded in the 1980s. Except for undergraduate admissions, both master and doctor students have been admitted in the Enterprise Management and concentrated in Marketing. Our department opens course in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, promotion management, channel management, advertising management, service marketing, internet marketing, international marketing and so on.
    In scientific research, the Department of Marketing has undertaken seven National Natural Science Foundation Programs, several overseas cooperation fund and ministry projects, and enterprise lateral projects in recent five years. The Department of Marketing has received research funding of ten million RMB. The Department of Marketing has nearly published one hundred high level research articles in authoritative journals, such as Journal of Behavior Research, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Business Review, China Soft Science, Management World, Science Research Management, Management Science and so on. In the construction of teaching materials, “Marketing” as a marketing teaching material, authored by Zhang Mingli in 1999 and “Marketing” as a fundamental teaching material for management major students, authored by Li Dong, provide references for marketing major students and marketing managers. In social service, the Department of Marketing provides diagnosis, consultation and training for famous companies and institutions, such as Poseidon Group and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. Besides, our department sets up practice bases together with several institutions in Heilongjiang Province.
    The Department of Marketing also focuses on cooperation with international well-known universities and institutions. Our department builds up a close relationship in scientific research cooperation and academic communications with Hong Kong and countries such as America, Canada, England, Australia, Italy and Korea. The students who apply for admissions to the famous universities in the above-mentioned countries and long for higher degrees are provided with good conditions.

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